Automated Signal Performance Metrics

ATSPM isn't just a product, it's a breath of fresh air. It's a powerful new way to - pardon our optimism - change our cities. It's a rapidly growing movement of industry-pushing performance standards, and sure, there's also a pretty incredible product in there, too.


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Our traffic software is engineered to utilize the power of cloud infrastructure.

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Signal Performance Metrics

Measurements and visualizations to help traffic engineers tune and troubleshoot traffic intersections.

Performance Dashboards

Robust analytics dashboards put the power of ATSPM data at your fingertips.

Crowd Sourced Travel Times

View historical corridor travel times without a need for new field infrastructure.

Timing Suggestions

Our machine learning algorithms continuously process your traffic data to indentify operational issues before they become citizen complaints.

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Measure and optimize traffic signal timing and maintenance to reduce congestion, save fuel costs, and improve safety.

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Time Savings

Continuously processing your data to find and resolve operational issues in order to enable proactive operations and make your staff more efficient.

Cost Reduction

Updated and operationally efficient timing plans reduce the need for retiming projects.

User Benefits

Optimized traffic plans lower vehicle delay and C02 emissions while saving the traveling public time and money.

We're ready to lead you into the future of advanced traffic operations.

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