Modern Performance Dashboard

ATSPM Metrics

We live in a constantly changing world where data-driven decision making is becoming the norm. Use high-resolution signal data from your existing traffic signals to view and optimize your traffic signal timing parameters.

Modern Web-Based Interface

Using traffic software does not have to be confusing and frustrating. Our solution is built using the latest web technologies and design principles. All of your ATSPM metrics are available in a user-friendly and easy to use format.

Cloud Based

Technical constraints can limit the user's ability to get the most out of the system. By harnessing the power of the cloud we offer unlimited data storage and processing power for your hi-resolution data. Our software is built for speed.

Operational & Timing Suggestions

Finds Issues

Our AI algorithms constantly monitor your data 24/7 to spot any operational or timing issues and anomalies.


Once an issue is identified, our AI algorithm suggests an optimal solution based on the best practices and your selected objectives.

Constantly Learning AI

The longer our AI runs, the better it becomes at identifying and learning your unique operational conditions.